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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The PAFSA strives to develop a culture of scientific and technical excellence among Arab societies of anesthesiology, and work to enable individual anesthesiologists to attain their full professional potential.

Our Mission

PAFSA aspires to make Arab societies of anesthesiology, instruments of positive change in health care delivery and sustainable development in their respective countries and the region.

Our Goals

  1. To be among the world's leaders in providing high quality and safe patient care.
  2. Connect together Arab Societies of Anesthesiologists to contribute to the advancement of anesthesiology, intensive care and pain management.
  3. Make the voice of the specialty heard by policymakers.
  4. Establish a culture of professional excellence in the Arab world in clinical practice, continuing medical education, continuous professional development, training and research.

Our Core Values

  1. Equity
  2. Integrity
  3. Respect for diversity
  4. Patient Safety
  5. Collaboration & teamwork
  6. Commitment to community
  7. Customer-centred service at reasonable cost
  8. Professionalism
  9. Excellence
  10. Compassion
  11. Respect for all beliefs