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  • The purpose of the Committee is to assist and advise the Board in overseeing the strategic direction and investment in research and development and other scientific initiatives of anesthesia related.
  • The Committee is empowered by the Board to review and recommend to the Board the scientific strategies of the Group.
Constitution and Bylaws Ad Hoc Committee
The purpose of the Constitution and Bylaws Ad Hoc Committee is to : 1. Develop long- and short-range objectives 2. Develop and recommend yearly goals 3. Submit written recommendations in an annual report to the Secretary. The Secretary shall distribute the report to the Executive Committee.The chairperson shall make an oral report at the annual meeting. 4. Review as needed the Constitution and Bylaws and the Manual of Policies and Practices; Recommend to the Executive Committee changes deemed necessary. 5. Submit a written report of this review at the Executive Committee meeting, every year.   Read More
Education Committee
The purpose of the Education Committee is to provide members with current information on educational opportunities available to the anesthesia professional and on the training of members regarding ethics, bylaws, technology, professionalism and whatever other pertinent information is deemed necessary which will provide those members with the opportunity to achieve the level of knowledge and skill necessary to serve their countries with competence and professionalism.   Read More
Publications Committee
The mission of the Publications Committee is to produce an informative and interesting magazine in anesthesia, intensive care and pain management. The Committee makes policy recommendations to the PAFSA Board of Directors on all publications; He determines the general content of each issue of PAFSA official journal and assumes other publication responsibilities when feasible. Committee members are encouraged to write, solicit and submit articles for PAFSA journal The PAFSA website is under the coordination of one of the members of the Publications Committee.   Read More
Quality and Patient Safety Committee
The Quality and Patient Safety Committee is a standing committee whose purpose is to review patient safety and quality assurance issues as they relate to the achievement of the PAFSA’s vision and values.  Read More
Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee
The Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee is responsible for identifying key strategic goals and actions for the future growth and development of the PAFSA. In partnership with the Executive Committee, The Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee leads the implementation of the plan.   Read More